Benefits Of Having A Germicidal UV Light For Your AC System

Jul 25, 2013

Consider the benefits of having a germicidal UV Light for your AC



When the heat is on, so is your AC, pulling in hot air from the outside and converting it into the cool air your family feels through the vents. The same air that flows from your AC system can carry all sorts of pathogens and microorganisms with it; things like mold and even the cold virus.

Using an air purifier is one way to eliminate some of the airborne pathogens; however, it's also another way to clutter the home and add waste to the environment, along with adding more to your appliance plug-in list. Using an air purifier can also add to the household expenses; depending on the type of filter. In order to get the full benefit of an air purifier, you might find yourself changing the filters often.

The Germicidal UV Light is a natural cleaning alternative on its way to replacing the old way of cleansing the air in your home. Attaching one to your AC system can benefit your family by eliminating air pollutants and protecting them from unwanted exposure to bacteria, while being environmentally friendly at the same time. 

The Germicidal UV light uses UV-C light to kill microorganisms from the inside out and also stops their reproductive process, which prevents them from coming back. It can also be used for cleaning drinking water, sanitizing medical supplies and cleaning food. 

A Germicidal UV Light for you AC system, not only benefits your family but also the environment by using ultraviolet light to clean the air as it passes through your AC system. The Germicidal UV Light is a powerful air purifier that takes up minimal space and barely consumes any energy.

By using some of the same energy produced by the sun, and your AC system, you and your family can breathe in clear and healthy air.

Looking to have a germicidal UV light for your AC system? Call AAA Modern Air at (954) 921-4486 and schedule a service call with one of our experts today!

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