Why Choose Guardian Air? Feb 27, 2015

Guardian Air

Ft. Lauderdale CoolingThe guardian air purification system is a whole house system that works to cleanse the air breathed and make for a healthier indoor environment. This system is best equipped for the use in the home, but has also been applied in a number...
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Is It Time to Switch Out Your Thermostat? Feb 20, 2015

Thermostat Services


Ft. Lauderdale Cooling There are many homes that have a thermostat installed in it that controls the heating and cooling in their homes. Many of these thermostats may be outdated or they may be malfunctioning which can lead to a residence being under-serviced, or...

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Condenser Coil Problems Feb 13, 2015

The Importance of a Condenser Coil in Keeping Your Home Cool

depositphotos_51855163_original_720What Is a Condenser Coil? A condenser coil is a snake-like shaped coil which houses tubing that removes heat from an air conditioning systems refrigerant. In a split air conditioning system, the condenser coil is located in...
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AC Repair 101 Feb 6, 2015

How Can You Tell If You Need AC Repairs?

  Cost Benefit Analysis Concept with Target Pin MarkerWhat Are Some Ways To Maintain A Well-Functioning AC Unit?
Air-conditioning is extremely important to those who are in climates where the weather can get very hot. When it's humid...
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