Top 9 Reasons to Install a Whole House Dehumidifier

Nov 21, 2014

Whole House Dehumidifier Benefits


There are many reasons to install a whole house dehumidifier in a home. The main reasons why people install a whole house dehumidifier in their homes is for comfort, increased air quality, allergy relief, and property protection. Ease of use, no buckets to empty and a healthy humidity level throughout the entire home are additional reasons. An increase in property value and preventing moisture damage are more reasons why whole house humidifiers are installed. 

To begin what is a whole house dehumidifier? A whole house dehumidifier is a dehumidifier that removes moisture from the air throughout the entire home and not just one room. Instead of using portable dehumidifiers in every room in a home, you can keep the humidity in your home at a constant, healthy level by just setting the thermostat to your desired humidity level. A whole house dehumidifier is connected to the heating and cooling system in your home and water will be drained off to pipes in your plumbing system. So there will be no more buckets to empty, wires from portable dehumidifiers and simply pressing a few buttons on a thermostat is all it will take to have a healthy humidity level in your home. The ease of use of a whole house dehumidifier is the primary reason why people install whole house dehumidifiers. 

A high level of humidity in a home can make you feel uncomfortable and lead to a sticky feeling on your skin. Having a humidity level between 40%-60% is recommended and will remove any sticky or clammy feelings due to high humidity levels in a home. High levels of humidity can cause mold and mildew to multiply and grow throughout a home triggering allergies. In severe cases of high humidity levels in a home water stains can appear on walls and on ceilings. Paint can start to peel off and this can become unsightly. Furniture and the actual home if made from wood can begin to rot if the humidity is very high in a home. A whole house dehumidifier can maintain a comfortable level of humidity, prevent mold and mildew from growing rapidly throughout your home and prevent water damage and rot. 

A whole house dehumidifier is a big asset in a humid climate and can save a homeowner lots of money because it is cheaper to operate than turning the AC to reduce the humidity in a home and does a much better job. It will also add to the property value of a home if a homeowner wishes to sell it in the future. Whole house dehumidifiers also pump in fresh air from the outside and increase the air quality of the home. This prevents pollutants from accumulating and can have a positive affect on health. 

So there you have it, some of the reasons why people install a whole house dehumidifier in a home. To summarize they are:

1. Comfort, no more sticky air in the home.

2. Allergy relief, mold and mildew growth is reduced that can trigger allergies.

3. Increased air quality, fresh air is pumped from the outside and pollutants are brought out of the home.

4. Prevent moisture damage such as water stains on walls and ceilings.

5. Increase the property value of the home especially for homes in humid climates.

6. Ease of use, no buckets to empty out and no need for portable dehumidifiers. 

7. Property protection, wood furniture and structures can rot.

8. Prevent musty smells from high levels of moisture in the air.

9. Long term energy savings, no need to run the AC or other dehumidifiers.

Are you looking for a dehumidifier installation in the Ft. Lauderdale area? Look no further than AAA Modern Air, call us today at (954) 921-4486. 



The One Home Tip You Must Never Forget

Nov 14, 2014


Heating & Cooling Systems' Air Quality


Should I be Concerned With Indoor Air Quality?

There are a vast amount of good reasons for wanting to benefit from indoor air quality in your home or business. Every one likes to avoid health problems caused by bad odors, moisture causing mold, and poor ventilation. These are only a handful of reasons, but poor air quality can lead to breathing problems like asthma and allergies, and respiratory illness. Dust and pollution sweeping through your home due to poor ventilation and poor air quality. There are many risks when air quality in a home is not taken seriously. Inside pollution can have higher levels of pollution than outside pollution. And the energy efficiency can cause energy bills to raise without any benefits to your living environment. Think of all the discomforts, and damage to your home and furniture because of poor air quality flowing through your home.

Any one should be concerned about the air quality in their home. The risks of not breathing clean air, are not worth the harm done to your health and family.Studies have proven how pollution levels are much higher inside a home than they are outside. There are so many sources that pollute our air, and what we store in our homes add to this problem, such as cleaning chemicals, pet dander, and pesticides to name a few that are responsible for the need of good circulation in our homes. Imagine what you breathe when you sleep and eat, and the moisture created with appliances and bathing. These are thigs we do without even thinking about how it can affect the air quality.

What Does an Air Handler Do For My System?

An air handler is the solution to this annoying problem, because an air handler efficiently distributes, and circulates the air flow throughout your home. Air handlers work in any season assuring that a home is provided with the cool or warm air needed to circulate your home, while keeping your energy bills appropriately moderate. Air handlers help reduce dust particles, pollution, odors, allergens, mildew, and bacteria, among other discomforts caused by poor air quality. There is no more need for a gas furnace, when you have an air handler. Air handlers work side by side an air conditioning unit or heating system. Air handlers are controlled by thermostats, filtering dust and impurities that flow into our homes. Providing healthy clean air, and comfort.

Concerned about the air quality inside your Ft. Lauderdale home? Take action and call AAA Modern Air today at (954) 921-4486. 


Game Changing Cooling System Tip!

Nov 10, 2014

Save Money With AC Maintenance 

How does preventive maintenance ultimately save me money? Why is this important? These are two of the most important questions that a company would ask. Most companies make the mistake to think that they could save money by not spending for the preventive maintenance items that are needed. If you take the terms Preventive AC maintenance to heart, the very term means to prevent any break down and loss through a regular maintenance check schedule.

First we must look at the cost of an entire replacement weather it be a compressor or an engine, the cost would be in the thousands of dollars. Not really too good on the saving money part of the plan, bit had they had a budget and a preventive maintenance plan that company could have avoided such a tragic expense.

What any person needs to know when it comes to preventive maintenance is that you should have a preventive maintenance agreement plan with your company which will prevent any unnecessary break downs and costly repairs. The true reason for this is to keep your unit working and in good maintenance will pro long the life of any unit or engine. The old saying of “out of site, out of mind” may not be the wisest choice in this matter, and will definitely cost you in the long run for all of the neglect that will occur.

This was only a brief insight into why a good preventive maintenance schedule will not only keep things working efficiently, but will reduce the out of pocket expenses that will occur when you will have to needlessly replace the unit that may have been saved through proper maintenance and routine system checks. In other words, the military has vehicles that last a long time, even through 20 to 50 years. this is why, unlike most people they are constantly have routine preventive maintenance checks and services to keep the vehicles running. As a famous person once said, you could have the state of the art machine and without proper preventive maintenance you will find countless bugs and glitches will be with that machine. On the other hand, you could have a machine that is 60 years old and shakes like a rattle, but there are no bugs or glitches because of good preventive maintenance. That is why good preventive maintenance increases machinery life and will help you save money later.

Looking to hire cooling services in your Ft. Lauderdale home? Call AAA Modern Air today at (954) 921-4486.


Is Melting In Your Sleep On Your Winter List? Didn't Think So!

Oct 24, 2014

What To Do When Dealing With a Cooling Emergency


A cooling emergency can happen at any time, and is especially agonizing and stressful when it goes out on the hottest summer day. Regardless to when your AC goes out, it can go from bad to worse if you have elderly parents or small children in the house. There are generally three reasons why your AC might stop working: not enough refrigerant, dirty condensed coils or a dirty air filter. 

Not Enough Refrigerant

Refrigerant keeps your AC unit cool. If the coolant level drops too low, it will cause your AC to run too hard, which will eventually cause it to overheat. 

Dirty Condensed Coils

The condenser coils in your AC are filled with refrigerant. These coils run through the outside sheathing of your unit. When these coils get dirty, the dirt build-up creates insulation around the coils which prevents the heat from escaping. This disruption increases the temperature in the AC unit which causes it to overheat. 

Dirty Air Filter

The filter protects your AC unit from dirt and debris that may get trapped inside. If the filter is not changed, it can get too dirty and clogged, which prevents the proper airflow. When the airflow is interrupted, it can cause your unit to work too hard and overheat. 

What To Do With a Cooling Emergency?

When your cooling system is on the fritz, it is important to get it fixed and up and running again, especially if you have allergy sufferers, small children or elderly parents in your home. Commercial cooling emergency services provide 24 hour HVAC emergency services for such occasions. Some cooling emergency services even offer emergency service discounts to new clients. 

Whether your AC unit has shut down completely or just requires minor repairs, an experienced, licensed, bonded, insured and EPA certified technician will come to your home or business and replace or repair your AC unit.

When researching a certified technician, keep in mind that locally owned HVAC contractors know the community and can provide services accordingly. Certified technicians are highly trained in central air conditioning, refrigerant leaks, evaporator coils, air handlers, split systems, blower motors and more.

Is your Air Conditioner troubling you? Call AAA Modern Air today at (954) 921-4486 for quick and effective cooling services in the Ft. Lauderdale area.



Keep Your AC Ducts Clean!

Oct 17, 2014

How Often Should I Have My AC Ducts Inspected?


It is a question that many customers are inclined to ask and although the primary reason may be to adjust their budget, knowing the appropriate amount of frequency to inspect your AC ducts will ensure that other issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

The ducts are intended to provide free air from the exterior of the home into the residence and out again, which is why there should be almost no resistance or blockages along the way. Because of the elements that the ducts are exposed to, unwanted pollutants can breach the ducts and set up shop as they lay in wait to convert into bacteria.

Breathe In Please

Considering the fact that the air ducts are so important, especially when it comes to improving the air quality in your home, it is recommended that they be inspected at least once but preferably twice every year. The inspection will serve to identify sources of contamination that may be contributing to an unhealthy air flow. The frequency of the inspection may go up if the people in your household engage in smoking. If the humidity levels are higher than usual, it may be a good idea to have an inspection carried out, if only for the fact that the possibility of mold built up will increase.

Understanding The Process

In addition to the build-up of pollutants, it is possible for your ducts to develop a leak thanks to outside interference or even rodents. These same unwanted guests can leave droppings in the ducts and the quality of the air coming into your home will now be mixed with the fragrance of those particles. The longer it takes to have the ducts clear; the more build up will occur and the worse it will get for the inhabitants of the home.

What You Gain

It is important to understand that cleaning your ducts should be handled by a professional, if only for the fact that they have the experience and tools necessary to do the job right. Homeowners should never attempt to inspect or clean their own ducts because they may simply stir things up and make it worse. A professional duct cleaner will check for blockages and have them removed. Any leaks or hidden damages to the ducts will be rectified immediately and if necessary, the ducts will be sealed and returned to the way it should be. After your initial inspection, it is a good idea to set up a regular inspection plan for at least every 4 to six months.

Serving your Ft. Lauderdale community everyday. Give AAA Modern Air a call at (954) 921-4486 for a guaranteed quality AC duct inspection!



It's Duct Inspection Time!

Oct 10, 2014

Why Should I Have My HVAC Inspected?



What Is An HVAC?

An HVAC unit is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system of your home. It helps keep your home comfortable and can provide clean air.

How Often Should I Have My HVAC Inspected?

Since different mechanical parts of an HVAC unit work in different ways due to the season, it should be inspected twice a year. The air conditioning unit and all the components in the Spring, and the furnace and its' components inspected in the early fall. 

Reasons to Have My HVAC Inspected

There are many reasons to have your HVAC inspected, most of all for safety reasons. When an inspection is conducted, the professional will investigate for any potential problems, and current problems, bacteria, and will verify all the various mechanical parts are running smoothly and effectively. They will also check the airflow and the electrical and gas connections and much more to ensure that you have the safest, best running unit that you can have. Any minor problem with these systems may leave you in the cold, the heat, or even without a home. 

The HVAC specialist will also change, clean, or maybe even suggest a better filter for your particular model. Some of them can virtually eliminate all dust and pollen from being circulated through the air of your home. This can make allergy season much easier on the sufferer. 

Carbon monoxide levels can also be tested at this time to ease your mind. With homes becoming more energy efficient, it is more important now than ever to make sure to have it tested for your family's safety.

How Do I Know Which Inspector to Choose?

The best way to choose the HVAC specialist for your furnace is simply to call around. Ask questions to find out if they service your make and model. Are they licensed, insured, certified, and bonded? How long have they been in business and how long have they been working on your brand HVAC? If you are at all skeptical, call state or city officials and see if they recommend them. You are perfectly all right to ask for references, too. After all, it's your unit, your money and your safety in their hands.

Need AC inspection services in Ft. Lauderdale? Call AAA Modern Air at (954) 921-4486 today for quick and reliable services. 

What are the Benefits of Duct Cleaning?

Oct 3, 2014

Benefits of Duct Cleaning


When you hear about duct cleaning, you might look at it as a pointless activity designed to siphon money from individuals who don't know what they are paying for. After all, your vents still work, so why do you need cleaning? Well, while your vents may still work, by not having your ducts cleaned you are actually throwing hundreds of dollars a year down the drain in excess energy bills, not to mention other problems you do not even know you are experiencing. While this is not something you can do on your own, but instead is something you need to bring a professional in to do. Thankfully though, there are all sorts of different benefits of duct cleaning that make it well worth your wild. 

Cheaper Energy Bills

First off, over time as dust and other debris starts to collect in your ducts, it reduces the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. This forces your furnace or AC unit to work extra hard, shooting up your energy bill. When you have your duct cleaned, this corrects the problem and it helps remove all of the debris inside of the vents, improving the functionality of both heating and cooling systems, helping you save money over the long term. 

Improved Air Quality

When the vents start to collect dust, it ultimately is going to push the dust and other dander into the air. This means, you are breathing all of this dust and dander in while you are inside of your home. This can cause health problems and other breathing conditions that might prove dangerous to you or someone else who is suffering from asthma. The duct cleaning removes all of this and improves the quality of air inside of your home. 

Spot Problems

During the duct cleaning, the HVAC professional is able to look through your duct system and spot any potential problems. This can range anywhere from a general leak in the vent to other issues taking place in your HVAC equipment. When this happens, the professional is able to recommend potential corrections to the equipment, which helps you avoid any sort of extremely negative and drastic problem you might run into. This way, your heat remains running smoothly during the winter months and the cold air stays on during the summer months, without any interruptions. 

Need duct cleaning services in Ft. Lauderdale? Call AAA Modern Air at (954) 921-4486 today for quick and reliable services. 

Top Considerations When Hiring a Heating & Cooling Technician

Sep 19, 2014

What To Look For When Hiring a Heating & Cooling Company

There are three things that you need to make sure of before you hire any company to repair the heating or cooling system in your home or your business. You want to be certain that the company that you hire has the experience to make the necessary repairs even when the job is challenging and complex. You also want to know that the company has the insurance coverage that is necessary to guarantee that if there is any damage caused to your home or business, you will not end up paying for it out of pocket. Finally, any company that you hire should be properly licensed and have all the necessary credentials so you know that you are getting a company that can do the job without causing you even more problems


It is a risky proposition, even under the best of circumstances, to hire a company that is not properly licensed. The biggest problem here is that you are likely to hire someone that does more harm than good. You may also avoid any applicable warranties on your heating or cooling system because someone is performing work on the system that has no license to do so. You may also be setting yourself up to be forced to deal with a catastrophic failure of the entire system at a later date.


This is one of the most important things that you could possibly consider. If the company you hire fails to have the necessary level of experience, you are setting yourself up for failure because they may not be able to fix a problem that is relatively basic, much less a problem that is far more challenging than what they might see on a daily basis. It is only with experience that many technicians are able to truly understand exactly what is going on


It is important for you to remember that you are hiring a heating and cooling company because you have a problem and you need them to come out and fix it. This is already costing you valuable time and expense and the last thing that you need to deal with is a company that causes some type of damage and then fails to have the necessary level of insurance coverage to pay for it. If you take a chance such as this, you may find that you are filing a claim with your homeowner's insurance to try to cover the damages or you may find that you have to pay for them yourself because there is no one else who is willing to do it.when there are no obvious solutions.

As a result, you should always make sure that any company that you hire is able to produce documentation regarding their licensure and their insurance coverage, and that they will only send an experienced technician to your home or business.

We want to make sure our Ft. Lauderdale customers are happy, so leave the heating and cooling projects up to AAA Modern Air. Don’t delay and call (954) 921-4486 today!


Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

Sep 12, 2014

How Can a Whole House Humidifier Improve My Life? 

When you are in your home you deserve to be comfortable. It does not matter is your home looks like it has been lifted from the pages of a lifestyle magazine if you are not comfortable. Part of what determines your level of comfort in your home is your air quality. If you want a better quality of comfort in your home, consider having a HVAC whole house humidifier system installed. The benefits of having a whole house humidifier include reduced allergy aggravation, reduced risk of mold and a greater sense of overall comfort in your home.

Reduces Allegies

The quality of your air directly impacts your health. Air that is overly dry can spur asthma and allergy symptoms. Dry air can lead to dry noses, sore throats and cracked and itchy skin. It is also not surprising that many viruses thrive in low-humidity environments. If you are in a low humidity environment, you are in a breeding ground for cold, flu and other respiratory ailments.

Reduces Mold

A HVAC system also controls moisture. The moisture levels are carefully monitored by the system, because an excess of moisture can create mold. If you are breathing in mold, you are likely to get sick. When humidity levels are above 70 percent this a threat to a building because it is a prime position for mold formulation. Since a HVAC whole house humidifier system closely monitors and controls the level of moisture, you will not experience the nuisance of mold growth in your home.

Provides Overall Comfort

If your air is not overly dry or overly moist, you will be the most comfortable. You will not be as susceptible to allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments. If you can breathe easily, you can typically rest better. If you experience better sleep, you will be able to perform your daily tasks with more ease. Being comfortable with the air quality in your home actually benefits you in many other aspects of your life. It may seem to oversimplify the matter, but if you can breathe, rest and recharge in your own home, you can experience greater productivity in other areas of your life.

A HVAC whole house humidifier system can greatly enhance your life. This system benefits you by reducing allergies, reducing risk of mold and providing overall comfort in your home. Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own home!

Hire a professional HVAC technician in the Ft. Lauderdale area today! Call AAA Modern Air at (954) 921-4486 for our top-notch services. 


7 Pre-winter HVAC Tune-up Services

Sep 5, 2014

How Should I Prepare For the Winter? 


Winter will be here before we know it. It is always a good idea to do annual home maintenance and fall is the perfect season to do it. Your HVAC system is an invaluable part of your home and when it performs correctly keeps everyone comfortably warm or cool, depending on the season. No one wants their HVAC system to malfunction during the freezing cold of winter. Fall is the season to make sure all is working correctly and ensure that your system will work correctly all winter long.

Here are 7 services that will help your HVAC do it's intended job.

1. Do a visual inspection of your HVAC's exterior. Remove anything flammable and keep the area around your HVAC clear. 

2. After checking the exterior of your HVAC it is time to call in an HVAC professional to do an equipment evaluation. He/she can determine if your current equipment is working efficiently. If all is well then move on to number 3. If your current equipment is not performing competently then consider upgrading and think about an Energy Star model. Energy Star models are efficient which means you save money and help protect the environment.

3. If your existing HVAC is performing well have your HVAC professional do a seasonal tune up. A proper tune-up can reduce your energy bill, ensure your safety, help your system work more efficiently, and will satisfy the conditions of your manufacturer's warranty. Most importantly, you can rest easy knowing that your home will be warm for the winter months! 

4. Have your air filter changed regularly, at minimum change every 3 months. If your air filter is dirty after 1 month of use then have it changed. This prevents dust from building up and will keep your HVAC running smoothly.

5. Consider having your HVAC professional install a programmable thermostat. If you are away from home for long periods of time during the day then a programmable thermostat is a great idea and can save you a sizable amount of money annually.

6. Get your heating and cooling ducts cleaned, especially if you have done an in home construction project this summer or you can see visible mold around your ducts. 

7. Have your heating and cooling ducts sealed. This will help your HVAC system work more efficiently and helps keep your house warmer or cooler depending on the season. 

It is time to prepare your HVAC system for the winter! Call AAA Modern Air today at (954) 921-4486 for our professional services in the Ft. Lauderdale area. 


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